About PTE Academic and The Excellence of Computer-Based English Test


About PTE Academic and The Excellence of Computer-Based English Test. Want to study abroad and need a fast, reliable, and internationally recognized English test result? Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic could be an option.


PTE Academic is a computer-based English test that is trusted by thousands of universities, colleges, and governments around the world. PTE is also accepted for visa purposes by the governments of Australia and New Zealand, all universities in Australia and New Zealand, 98% of universities in the UK, and more. PTE Academic is also the name of the institution hosting the test. This institution is part of Pearson, one of the largest education companies in the world.


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PTE has an advantage called FAST, which distinguishes this institution from other English test institutions. F is for fast and fair. PTE Academic is very fast in providing English test result, typically available within five business days. In addition, PTE also provides a fair test result, because all the test system is done by computer, so there is no “human error” in this case.

A is for accurate. It means that the results of the PTE score are accurate and truly reflect the performance of participants in four skills, namely Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. Certainly, the results of test scores are very objective and there is no human intervention by using a detailed English Global Scale.

S is for Secure. PTE Academic conducts the tests safely with 100% computer-based tagging. Assessment of the exam is done with Digital Biometrics, CCTV, and electronic scoring.

T is for timely. It means participants who want to get faster test results, PTE academic results usually can be known within five days. The test is also done quickly, it only takes three hours for the whole session.


What is the PTE Academic test?


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Related to four capabilities in English, the test will be conducted for two days in one session, following the time available for the assessor. On the first day, students will take the Writing and Speaking tests. While the Reading and Listening tests will be taken on the second day. The total of one session is 3 hours. After that, test results will be sent via e-mail participants in five days.

The questions given in the test are very relevant and are designed to test the “real life language”. That is, the test results actually use “real English” without a certain accent.

For example, the Speaking test session. Students are only asked to talk through the computer, so they do not need stress when facing the native directly. This is because the computer system will learn the accent participants and encode the language. Test questions are also made internationally, so students with different cultural backgrounds can easily take the test.


Score Results

The form of score results also greatly assist students in improving their English skills. The awarded PTE certificate leads students to the specific problem of the four English skills. Participants can see test results that show the participants’ analysis and performance so they can see the weaknesses and strengths of the test results. So, from this test, the participants know very well what needs to be improved and they do not even need to attend many courses.

The score report can also be sent unlimited to many institutions you want at no extra cost. The PTE score itself is valid for two years.


PTE Academic’s score report example. Photo/Doc. SUN

Another advantage of PTE is that participants can re-test many times indefinitely with the provision of re-registration after two days of getting test results. Participants simply pay the same fee of USD 185.

“The PTE really understands what you need to achieve in order to enter the university,” said Shah Satini, Pearson Regional Commercial Manager at the seminar “The World’s Leading Computer-Based Test of English for Study Abroad and Immigration” at the Australia New Zealand Expo 2018 on Saturday , January 13, 2018 in Jakarta.

Are you interested? You can register online at personpte.com/book/. You can create an account and set the schedule first. The PTE Test Center is located at IALF (Jakarta), KELT (Surabaya), Tanjungpura University (Pontianak). While, for the English preparation course, you may contact SUN English via phone (021) 45855238 (SJV)